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2019 - PRESENT

Themed Entertainment is my passion, and these are all specific projects that I created during various team projects and schoolwork to tell an attraction story. I also have work that I created during a few workshops I attended with TECWS. Click on each of the icons below to see each project in its entirety. I have my Bachelor of Applied Science in Interior Design from Seminole State College (5/2020) and am in pursuit of a Master of Science in Themed Experience from the University of Central Florida (5/2023).

The Master of Science in Themed Experience prepares students to be the next generation of creative leaders in the themed experience industry. The program teaches the unique creative and production skills, process and concepts utilized to design and produce themed environments such as theme parks, zoos, aquariums, themed retail, dining, museums, virtual worlds and exhibitions. In the Themed Experience program, graduates will be qualified to work as an art director, show producer, designer, production artist, or creative executive for the production of themed experiences. Many graduates may work directly for theme parks, but others will find employment in exciting and innovative specialty firms producing industry-related items like custom rides, exhibitions, retail, theatrical experiences, effects, events, and museum exhibits, as well as for companies that provide support and services for the themed experience industry.