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Avatar Food Carts


For this project I worked with the Avatar elemental concept to design my small cap themed interactive food carts. I was responsible for designing a relatively short duration guest experience that effectively conveys theme and story while also providing goods or services as part of the experience. Guests will experience three highly immersive food carts designed to be placed throughout a land within a theme park. Each food cart encounter will be a heightened interactive experience themed toward one of the four main elements of the Avatar World. Guests will be able to order and enjoy themed menu items while interacting directly using wristband activated “bending” technology.  I chose to design water, earth, and fire food carts for the Legend of Avatar for a few reasons: ​​

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra appeals to all ages. 

  • Instead of Houses, people would have elements to choose from, prompting a variety of different apparel options to sell.

  • Incorporating the Republic City Spirit Portal could also allow guests to step into the Spirit World either on a ride or as part of the land itself.

  • Republic City would fit in perfectly as a new island in Universal’s Islands of Adventure. It could easily replace the outdated Lost Continent or Toon Lagoon.

  • The best thing about Universal’s Diagon Alley is that you truly step into another world. The high buildings of Republic City would allow for that same effect once again

  • The storylines are rich with detail, culture, and character





  • The Spirit World is a parallel plane of reality that coexists alongside the physical world inhabited by humans. Avatar Korra opened the Northern and Southern spirit portals during harmonic convergence, uniting the physical and spiritual world. The harmonic convergence can be seen and remembered through the restoration of the aurora borealis lights. 

  • The spirit oasis is located Northern Water Tribe at the base of a waterfall behind the chief's palace. It is the center of all the spiritual energy in the entire North Pole. Two koi fish swim in a central pool of the oasis and are the mortal forms of Tui and La, the Moon and the Ocean Spirits. The moon spirit gives all water benders their power. 

  • During the time of Yue, the princess of the Northern Water Tribe, The Moon Spirit gifted her with part of its own life force. This saved her life and turned her hair white as a side effect. Thus, her parents named her Yue, for the moon. during the siege of the north, Admiral Zhao of the fire nation fatally struck the Moon Spirit's mortal form (the white koi), leaving all water benders powerless without the moon's influence. Yue sacrificed her life to replace it and shared its position as the Moon Spirit. 

  • This food cart represents the story of princess Yue and the moon spirit and unites the water tribes and the spirit realm together. Guests can enjoy their favorite water tribe food, interact with the waterfall and aurora borealis light displays, or harness the power of water bending using their water bending skills when they activate the spinning water ribbons at the top of the food cart. Guests will experience vibrant spirit colors, interactive water bending and bright aurora borealis lights to sell the welcoming nature of the spirit realm through the eyes of the water tribe.




  • Badger moles were the first to master earth bending. The badger moles first taught earth bending to Oma and Shu, helping them to create a maze of tunnels through the mountains dividing their two villages. This is where the origin of the city of OMASHU comes from. Another prominent city in the earth kingdom is Ba Sing Se. It is the capital of the Earth Kingdom and is by far the largest.

  • Ba Sing Se is divided into several major districts, with inhabitants sorted in various walled "rings" based on economic and social class. The Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se contains the city's middle-class populace. Inside the middle ring is a vast assortment of shops and restaurants. The buildings of this Ring are larger than those of the Lower Ring, and the roofs are tiled green. It is generally wealthier and there are many flowers and trees.

  • Another feature of the earth kingdom is pro-bending matches in republic city. The Pro-bending arena is the venue that hosts official pro-bending matches in Republic City. Earth benders can utilize twenty-one small discs made of earth that are available on each side, recessed into the arena itself during competition.

  • This food cart represents the history of the origin of earth bending through the badger mole detailing and features the style of the middle ring in ba sing se. Guests can enjoy their favorite earth kingdom food and harness the power of earth bending using their earth bending skills when they activate the golden disc at the sides of the food cart. The discs will be moved through earth bending and will activate sound and visual rocks expanding to heighten the guest experience. 




  • In the early history of the fire nation there were the people of an ancient civilization called The Sun Warriors. They are the ones who first discovered fire bending from the dragons. The Sun Warriors revered and guarded the two great fire bending masters, Ran and Shaw, two dragons, one red and one blue. These dragons passed on the secrets of fire bending by breathing a multicolored flame over those they deem worthy. The Sun Warriors developed all the original fire bending forms, such as the Dancing Dragon. While most consider fire bending to be an instrument of destruction fueled by rage and hate, the Sun Warriors believe it represents life and energy, as if there is a sun within every fire bender. The dragons are the keepers of the Eternal Flame, a great fire that is said to be the first given to mankind by the dragons. 

  • The Dancing Dragon is a fire bending form that was learned from the sacred statues that were hidden atop the ancient civilization of the Sun Warriors. There is a circular nature to the technique, which is unusual in fire bending; the only other known techniques to incorporate smooth, circular movements are the fire circle and lightning generation. 

  • There are a few different types of fire bending, fire and lightning being the most prominent. Certain fire benders can generate and manipulate lightning by separating the yin and yang energies. Lightning, also known as "the cold-blooded fire", is considered the most powerful fire bending technique. 

  • This food cart represents the story of the origin of fire bending and presents the history of the blue and red dragons, Ran and Shaw. Guests will experience the dancing dragons on top of the food cart, enjoy their favorite fire nation food, activate a display of either their lightening or fire power, or harness the power of both fire and lightening with a friend using their bending skills together. 

Menu_Water copy.png
Fire logo.png
water bottle.png
fire bottle2.png
earth bottle.png
Fire Band.png
Water Band.png
Earth Band.png
Water Chopsticks.png
Earth Chopsticks copy.png
Fire Chopstick.png
Untitled_Artwork 15.png
Untitled_Artwork 22.png
Bowl Packaging_Water.png
Bowl Packaging Fire.png
Bowl Packaging_Earth.png

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to "Avatar the Last Airbender" and any associated licensed property. This project was created for educational purposes only. 

Process Sketches

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