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Imber's Equinox


A mysterious call beckons you deep into the forest where you encounter a large, aged mushroom whose spores transform you to the size of a blade of grass! Discover the world of Imber as you participate in the playful changing of the season. This environment was designed through narrative, around a game that moves a group of guests through an interactive physical environment. By utilizing the precise rules of how the Equinox must be introduced to the environment, guests can earn the highest tally overall by turning the season in each section. Within each section, a certain number of points will be rewarded for your skill while hidden mystery game objects add surprise twists!


‘Tis the end of winter and you hear something beckoning you towards the white-topped woods. Curious, and entranced, you follow it into the dense forest. You notice that a trail of spring leaves and flower buds are peaking through the snow banks and as you venture towards the call, the snow is melting back, revealing specs of green grass. Shrouding the path is a large, aged, purple mushroom. As you walk beneath its cap, the gills of the ginormous fungi peel open and release a blue, glittering powder that is cool to the touch.  Filled with wonderment, you continue onwards. Even though you feel unphased, the environment around you appears to have grown. It is then noticeable that you are the size of a blade of grass!


You’re then greeted by your guides, who are almost as startled by this meeting as you are! They explain that they were notified that beings have passed through Violae, the big purple mushroom, and they were assigned to fetch you. You are informed that this is wonderful timing as Imber is preparing for the turning of the seasons, specifically, The Spring Equinox! Lucky for you, this opportune arrival marks you eligible to participate in Imber’s turning of the season game where each creature, sprite and being engages in friendly competition to score the most points while they bring the Equinox.

Delinias Delight Cafe.png

One of the guides you'll meet is Delinia, the owner of the central cafe. She gathers all of her ingredients fresh with the help of the bee’s to make all her sweeteners.  Her ingredients for her recipes come from  juicy tips from her four legged pals. They know all the best berry picking spots!

Render_2_KF copy.jpg

Delinia's Delights is a wonderful cafe at the center of Imber's Forest where guests can enjoy some delicious treats of the forest while being surrounded by enormous flowers and beautiful butterflies. Guests can choose to enjoy the cafe or help change the forest into Spring by assisting in Imber's Equinox. 


Guests are invited to choose their tools as the rules of Equinox are explained. The objective is to score the highest point value in each section before it’s fully converted to spring. Once spring has been returned to the forest, the Equinox MVP (Most Valued Pixie) will be crowned!


Advanced turning of the season reveals hidden sections and/or fast gain extra points. Every participant is granted a colorful baton with which they will use to target pins which will retreat into the ground and have a corresponding effect on the environment. Each winter object in the spaces will have a point value assigned to it, so targeting a higher value item will bring about a more occurance. Winter objects do change between turns, so everyone has a fair shot at contributing to the equinox!

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